Six Miniatures for Violin and Piano
Malcolm Fox

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11 minutes
Performing Materials:
Steven Stevenson/Australia Council
World Premiere:
3 March 1978
Adelaide Festival of Arts
Violin: Steven Stevenson
Piano: Wayne Hancock
Additional Notes:
Selected by Australian Music Centre for exhibition of music by Australian Composers at Asia and Pacific Festival and Composers' Conference, Wellington, 1984
Broadcast by Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
Choreographed by Dance Network of South Australia, 1987
Published by La Trobe University Press, 1991
UK premiere at Royal College of Music, London, 1994
CD recording of Ronald Woodcock (violin) and Colleen Rae-Gerrard (piano) on 'Like Icarus Descending', joint recording project of Australian Music Centre, National Film & Sound Archive and Australian National University, 1999
Composer's Notes:

The work is in a free atonal style, and based on three pitch 'cells'. All the material in the composition is derived from these cells, and this gives the work internal unity. Externally, the six pieces are contrasted. No 4 features a short cadenza for piano, and No 5 a short cadenza for violin.

"More than once I have performed this former colleague's Miniatures and tried to catch the ultra-sensitive nuances of the music, its neo-Webernian conciseness and its panoply of moods and emotions; from subtle and clever through warm and caring to a sudden seemingly illogical outburst and back again" (Ronald Woodcock).