Pathways of Ancient Dreaming
Malcolm Fox
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Pathways of Ancient Dreaming (1990)
String orchestra

13 minutes
Performing Materials:
Stuttgart Arcata Orchestra/Australia Council
World Premiere:
28 February 1990
Perth International Festival
Stuttgart Arcata Orchestra
Conductor: Patrick Strub

Other Performances:
Adelaide and New Zealand Festivals 1990
Melbourne, Sydney, Ballarat
Recorded in the Concert Hall of Sydney Opera House by Australian Broadcasting Corporation 1990
Sydney International Festival 1992
Toured to Indonesia by Australian Youth Orchestra 1992
European premiere in Lyon, June 1994
Composer's Notes:
The initial idea for this composition came from walking at twilight on an autumn evening along the Ridgeway, one of a network of ancient tracks, dating from at least the Iron Age, that intersects the British countryside. I was caused to reflect on the passage of time since these pathways were first made and of my own nationality, which connects me with this historical continuum.

The Pathways referred to in the title are the pathways of the imagination and the spiritual pathways that connect us with our native soil. The work is in one continuous movement, subdivided into 3 main sections and commencing with a viola solo on which much of the subsequent material is based.

Stylistically, there are aspects of the work which reflect the influence of British music, a natural consequence of the process connecting with my cultural heritage.

The work is dedicated to the memory of my mother.