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For over two decades, Nigel Stonier has enjoyed serious recognition as a record producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and live performer.

His varied career began in the late 1970's at the tender age of 17 when he was invited into a recording studio with the Strawbs and simultaneously signed a deal with their publishing company. Since then he has never looked back, building an impressive portfolio of groundbreaking albums with many leading artists of the UK roots/rock scene including Fairport Convention, Lindisfarne, Rod Clements and Chris While.

During the 1980's he enjoyed success with the band Northern Sky, but it was in the early 1990's that Nigel's star began to rise significantly and his profile became firmly established.

Nigel played a significant part in the rise of one of the UK's most acclaimed younger singer/songwriters, Thea Gilmore, having produced all six of her albums and co-written her 2004 hit single 'Mainstream'. For the last five years Nigel has regularly performed live with Thea around the world as both her musical director and guitarist. During five US and Canada tours and countless European gigs, they have shared stages with a huge range of artists including Joan Baez, John Prine, Steve Earle, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, the Waterboys Ryan Adams, Josh Ritter, Eliza Carthy, Kathryn Williams and Martha Wainwright.

Nigel's co-writing partnership with Lindisfarne co-founder Rod Clements yielded two albums of outstanding new material for the band, including 'Can't Do Right For Doing Wrong' which was a Top 40 hit single when covered by Erin Rocha in 2004. Nigel has also produced two solo albums for Rod, including the latest album 'Odd Man Out' which was released in 2006.

With fiddle and mandolin player Chris Leslie, Nigel wrote a number of songs recorded by Fairport Convention, including 'The Wood And The Wire', a song which in recent years has become one of the band's signature tunes.

Straying a little further outside the roots world, Nigel has also collaborated with a wide variety of artists ranging from pop/rock vocalist Paul Young to contemporary jazz diva Clare Teal. One of his most successful co-writes with Clare was 'Messin' With Fire', which was recently featured in the smash hit feature film 'Confetti' starring Martin Freeman and Jessica Stevenson and which reached No 2 in the UK Box Office Chart in May 2006.

Alongside his career as a producer and songwriter, Nigel has continued to develop his solo performing career. His first solo album 'Golden Coins For The Holy Kid' was released in 1995 to excellent reviews, including Rock'n'Reel Magazine, who described Nigel as " a real find" and the album as "stunning". Nigel started touring as a solo artiste in his own right, not only headlining his own shows but also doing a number of memorable support slots for a wide (and occasionally unlikely) selection of acts from John Martyn to the Troggs.

In 2000 Nigel's second solo album 'English Ghosts' was released, featuring contributions from Fairport Convention's Chris Leslie and Maartin Alcock. The album received rave reviews including Q and Folk Roots, and this was followed in 2002 by 'Brimstone And Blue' with popular tracks such as 'Love And Love And That Sort Of Thing' and 'Me And St. Jude' both receiving regular national airplay. Nigel again took to the stage, performing in arts centres and folk clubs throughout the UK, both solo and in a two-man show with Rod Clements, as well as being the guest support act for the Oyster Band, Fairport Convention and jazz singer-songwriter Gordon Haskell.

Nigel Stonier is a live performer of great energy and wit. He is also a brilliant guitarist, a fine singer, an effortlessly witty showman and an outstanding songwriter with "an endless store of memorable hooks and melodies to die for" (Traditional Music Maker).

A typical Stonier show will involve not only a varied selection of material from all avenues of his career but also any number of eclectic, often spontaneous cover versions from
unlikely sources. He is also an inveterate involver and charmer of audiences, guaranteed to entertain with the "solid gold performances" (Rock 'n' Reel) he has become noted for.

"Superior songwriting."
Top Magazine

"...direct highly crafted lyrics‚ crowd pleasing '60s pop melodies and flashes of something darker beneath the surface."
Q Magazine

"...here's a store house for any band needing decent material."
"...an endless store of memorable hooks and melodies to die for."
Traditional Music Maker

"...adds dashes of panache‚ vision‚ and consistently reaches a standard rare."

"...really top songs...highly recommended."
City Life Magazine




(Flying Sparks Records 2002)

1. Tricks
2. Me and St Jude
3. World in denial
4. Love and love and that sort of thing
5. Josef's train
6. Blue shadow
7. Wild and beautiful
8. Looking out for you
9. Giddy thing
10. Broken moon
11 One for the ditch

(A New Day Records 2000)

1. Suppose You Threw A Love Affair And No-One Came
2. English Ghosts
3. Passenger
4. Don't Leave Too Soon
5. Here Comes The Sky
6. Time Of The Magpie
7. Only A Woman
8. Heart With You
9. Problem Child
10. Lightning
11. The Rose Of Friday Night
12. A Rainbow Is Enough
13. More In the Shadows


(Market Square Records 1995)

1. Mrs. Oblivion
2. Waiting For the Tenement King
3. Recover the Lover
4. Rainbow Under Your Wheels
5. Hard Times in Heaven
6. Expecting Rosalind
7. The Neutral
8. Two Bad Drivers
9. Last Years Tears
10. Katie's Depression
11. Pandora's Other Box
12. Oceans
13. Chance