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Allie Fox - Diving For Pearls

Debut album that brings us ten infectious songs from Allie whose voice melodically sails through a range of emotions and styles. Pick of the tracks is Joe Louis Blues but there many more delights here coming from a classic 60's singer songwriter grounding through to today with some tasty guitar playing from Allie too. These are great songs that are at home with an acoustic treatment but could easily suit a more commercial market, bet they get you singing along! Really good.

Graham Radley,

1340 MAG
Allie Fox - Diving For Pearls

Wow, this is a wonderful folk/Americana record. I am so surprised by it, I did not know what to expect from the cover, but once I put it in my CD player, the first track "Out Of The Blue" won my heart over by the first chorus. This track alone makes the whole CD worth buying, I can't get over it. The simplicity of the guitar with subtle rhythms, matched with the amazing lead vocal line and beautiful harmonies. The rest of this record keeps right up with it, occasionally mixing traditional Scottish instruments into the mix, but everything is carried by Allie's strong alto voice. Lyrically these songs follow the traditional folk/Americana story line of depression and renewal. There are times when there is a pop element that comes into the mix and kind of ruins things, but as long as Allie stays to the No Depression sound that she traditionally uses, her songs are absolutely wonderful.

Album Grade: A
Cover Art Grade: B
Key Track: Out Of The Blue

Rob Scott's Top Ten

Allie Fox has released her new album Diving for Pearls on Vixen Records. Help from a clutch of Scotland's finest musicians ensure the album enjoys a high level of musical quality to match the interesting contemporary folk songs written by her.

Allie Fox - Diving for Pearls

An upbeat, open-hearted album, laced with melody and seamless harmonies. With a folk voice reminiscent of the late Sandy Denny, Fox sings of love, lies and survival. Check out the title track, a song that thoughtfully rejects mother's advice; and Joe Louis Blues, an offbeat tribute to the famous boxer.


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