The Moon Above the Rooftops

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Photo: Kenny Bean


Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
Allie Fox

Bass Guitar
Iain McKinna

Mike Nolan

Frogs, Shooting Stars, Percussion
Dave Haswell

Vocal Harmonies
Allie Fox, Kirsty Anderson

"sure fire....could easily assail the charts."
Simon Jones,

"...cannot help but bring a smile."
Evening News






The moon above the rooftops is looking in at me
I watch her huge eye brimming her gold across the trees
Through the night's long darkness she's the only light I see

I don't want the city, her music or her lights
I don't want her laughter, I fear it is too bright
All I want forever is to be with you tonight

Don't linger in your doorway, don't wait up for me
I've got to find a new way to save the soul in me
Don't wait by your door 'cos I won't be back no more




Written by Allie Fox. Published by fox & fox music international

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