Rise and Shine

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Photo: Kenny Bean


Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Allie Fox

Bass, Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Iain McKinna

Dave Haswell

Drum Programming
Iain & Paul McKinna

Vocal Harmonies
Allie Fox

"...swings beautifully."








She says you're a bad joke
she says you're her April Fool today
She says you're so senseless
that when she smiles you have to turn your face away
Once, once you had your love to give
but now, now you begin to wonder
For when that couldn't reach her
you used all your strength to keep it under

Now you're a storm, and you know
Storms were made for breaking
No sun will ever rise, you will never shine

Rise, rise and shine
Rise, rise and shine

Sometimes you are the reaper
who plants and hopes for blue skies
Sometimes you are the vineyard - yes you are
that's broken when the season runs too high
Oh but you are the vintner too
And I know you, you have in store such riches
Don't keep them all inside
don't let them all run dry

Just let them rise, rise and shine
Rise, rise and shine

There's so much inside you
that everyone's trying to keep inside
When nobody takes you
you feel it could break you shut inside

Just let it rise, rise and shine
Rise, rise and shine
You've got to rise
You've got to shine
Rise and shine
Rise and shine

          Written by Allie Fox. Published by fox & fox music international      

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