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Photo: Lucy Tennyson


Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Allie Fox

Ron Shaw

Iain McKinna

"...gorgeously wistful."







I surrendered my armies,
lost my disguise, in your eyes I was naked
I abandoned my immunity,
let down my drawbridge and asked you inside
I gave to you the secrets I had kept so long
I gave you all my weakness just to make you strong
And when there was no armour left for me to put back on
now you've got to leave me

I remember you saying:
life's not the sound of children singing
You said: life's a stone, yes life is a stone
and we're all fools to think that we must cling on
Well I don't know if all that's false or if it's true
and I don't know what to do about my needing you
I just wish that I could do the things that you do
I wish I had wings to fly away

And I wish that I could be a birdwoman
I'd fly so high I would never come down
'Cos way up there it's only air
and that's no weight at all
I'd fly so high I would never fall

Listen, listen to my story,
it's a rhyme from a time before time began
And you know it reminds me so much of you
it's about the wild geese who fly away to unknown lands
They leave behind the springtime and the summer sun
they leave behind their homelands, they leave everyone
Don't you know that you're a wild goose, too
well, fly away - there's no one following you

And once I wished that I could be a birdwoman
I'd fly so high I would never come down
But now I know that I'll never be a birdwoman
'cos my feet are too firmly stuck on the ground

             Written by Allie Fox. published by fox & fox music international   

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