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Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Allie Fox

Acoustic Guitar
John Rutherford

Djembe, Bass, Keyboards
Iain McKinna

Dave Haswell

Vocal Harmonies
Allie Fox

"...the most hummable tune you've heard in ages."
Spire Folk







Marguerita Marguerita
won't you come out tonight?
you've been on the dark side too long
Marguerita Marguerita
you know it's going to be alright
there's a band down here and it's playing your song
Marguerita, Marguerita

There's wine and there's moonlight
there's a starry sky above the streets
the city breathes your name like a sigh
come down, come down
come down into the courtyard
there's somebody calling you tonight
Marguerita, Marguerita

We're watching you in your dark and lonely room
we're calling you to come on out tonight
You've paid your dues, you've had your blues
come out, come out, come out into the light

There's a silver moon that's hanging
like a hammock in the midnight sky
someone to swing you soft and low all night
and only if you let them a million kisses can be yours
there's someone out there calling you tonight
Marguerita, Marguerita

Written by Allie Fox. Published by fox & fox music international

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